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Alexanderteknikken feildefinert i offentlige publikasjoner.
Alexanderteknikk er nevnt i Norsk Offentlig Utredning 1998:21 Alternativ medisin, avsnitt 6.2, og i Ot.prp. nr. 27 (2002-2003) Om lov om alternativ behandling mv., vedlegg nr. 2.
Der står det at Alexanderteknikk er: "en manipulering av muskler og holdningsøvelser mot smerter i rygg/skjelett."

Denne definisjonen er feil fordi:
Alexanderteknikken er ikke "terapi"
Alexanderteknikken er ikke "manipulering av muskler"
Alexanderteknikken er ikke "holdningsøvelser"

To sum up: the Alexander technique is not a postural technique as such; indeed, Alexander is quoted as saying, `There is no such thing as a right position, but there is such a ting as a right direction.´ It is not concerned with relaxation, massage or manipulation; nor is it a series of exercises. (An exercise may be good or bad according to the co-ordination of the person who performs it.)
Elisabeth Langford 1999, Mind and Muscle, an Owner's Handbook s.246 Garant forlag, ISBN 90-5350-883-X

Alexanderteknikken er ikke "terapi"

The Alexander Technique is a process of psycho-physical re-education: by inhibiting automatic habitual responses it allows you to eliminate old habits of reaction and mis-use of the body and, through more reliable sensory appreciation, brings about improved use and a more appropriate means of reaction. (...) It is not a therapy or treatment.
John Gray 1990, Your Guide to the Alexander Technique s.13
Victor Gollancz Ltd ISBN 0-575-05790-4

For many years medical men have been sending their patients to me, because they know that I am experienced in examining conditions of use and in estimating the influence of these conditions upon functioning. I would say at once that I do not receive these cases as patients, but as pupils, inasmuch as I am not interested in disease or defects apart fom their association with harmful conditions of use and functioning.
Frederick Matthias Alexander (1932) The Use of the Self s.86
Victor Gollanz forlag 1985 ISBN 0 575 03720 2

Alexanderteknikken er ikke "manipulering av muskler":

This information about
USE is conveyed by manual adjustment on the part of the teahcer, and it involves the learning of a new Body-Grammar (... )This procedure is not a method of manipulation in which the subject is a passive recipient and goes out none the wiser about how to stop himself getting into a tension-state again. It is a method by which he is taught to work on himself to prevent his recurrent habits of mis-use, and by which he can learn to build up a new use-structure.
Wilfred Barlow, The Alexander Principle (1973) s.194
Victor Gollanz forlag 1990 pb ISBN 0-575-04749-6

Alexanderteknikk er ikke "holdningsøvelser"

How is this learning to be brought about? Not by ´exercises´ as they are ordinarily understood - the ´stretching´ and ´strengthening´ exercises of physiotherapy and physical education are valueless in dealing with this problem.
Wilfred Barlow 1973, The Alexander Principle s.195
Victor Gollanz forlag 1990 pb ISBN 0-575-04749-6

Alexander teachers sees no value in the repeated performance of prescribed exercises (...) In truth exercising and the Alexander Technique have very little in common, although you can apply the Technique to all your favorite exercises,...
Pedro de Alcantara 1997, Indirect Procedures, a Musician's Guide to the Alexander Technique s.83-84
Clarendon Press, Oxford pb ISBN 0-19-816569-2

You are not here to do exercises or to learn to do something right, but to get able to meet a stimulus that always puts you wrong and to learn to deal with it.

Frederick Matthias Alexander, Articles and Lectures s.203
Mouritz, London 1995 ISBN 0-9525574-6-0

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